SMB Owners’ Access to 2018 Digital Marketing Trends

As an SMB owner, there might be times when a hazy idea about digital marketing drifts to your head. If you think you’re a bit misinformed, you might be right—especially if that hunch is about having second-thoughts on getting a third-party digital marketing agency. Digital trends are massively impacting buyer markets nowadays, as what digital marketing specialist Ryan Deiss constantly implies on his site, Lest you have a huge budget to train your marketing employees on strategizing digitally, you shouldn’t procrastinate on considering an outsourced digital marketing organization.

Forseen Digital Marketing Trends for SMBs in 2018

As this year is coming to its end, the digital marketing trends for SMBs are also being clearly revealed. Accessibility to SMBs is seen to be a common denominator in these trends:

  • Out-of-Home Ads – If you know about these types of ads, you’re right—they’re the billboards, kiosks, and posters. Out-of-home ads’ potentials in merging with digital marketing platforms are seen to peak next year. In fact, many bigger businesses have already started grinding towards this technique, not to mention the ease of renting billboards today with one-click buying on the internet. Click here Ryan Deiss
  • Advocacy marketing – Often times marketing gets a bad rap for wanting only to sell; while representing products is its nature, it has a heart that can give, too. This is where advocacy marketing tries to change the misconception about marketing. With the far reach of digital platforms, today it’s easier to connect with audiences who share similar advocacies. What’s even cooler is clients are drawn to businesses that advocate for a cause or two. If you want to get ahead of your SMB competitors on this, start looking for relevant non-profit organisations and give your brand a fresher and stronger image through giving.
  • Blogger / Vlogger Marketing – It’s been there for a while, but this year was a witness to an insane number of ad blocker downloads. An alternative to this is marketing through influencers who can introduce brands through their content. As a startup or small business owner, the latter is your priority. Most influencers are trusted by their loyal viewers and followers, not to mention only a mere 33% of potential buyers are convinced by traditional advertisements. Be the first to reach out to the right influencers because with most people’s susceptibility to suggestions, you will reap your gains in no time.

Why should you outsource to a third party digital marketing agency?

Why should you ask an outsourced digital marketing agency to help you access those trends? Simply, they are more inclined to explain, infer, and analyse how potential buyers behave online. Going from that, your business’s product or service is then enhanced to cater to those upcoming trends and to your targeted market online.

Enhancing the Client Process

Moreover, the outsourced digital marketing approach is more efficient as they know what’s up with these trends and basic steps—from envisaging plans, rolling of insights, until the launching of your product line. Meanwhile, they may also offer special kinds of services that cut the fat out of your time. For example, in, founder and CEO Ryan Deiss mentions his company DigitalMarketer. They offer marketing services through Execution Plans, packages of plans that offer programs from introducing a company’s product line to writing traffic-magnet blog posts. Acquiring services this way is more cost-efficient and time-saving for SMB owners.

If you want to train your marketing unit or study digital marketing yourself, you may visit the likes of or and start flexing out those digi-marketing muscles. See more at

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