Expert Picks on the Best Colors to Incorporate to Your Home Interior

There is no single component to your home’s interior design more important than color. The choice of color palette you use for your home interior will set the stage for how you will decorate it. Color is therefore the core of your home interior design efforts. When working with an interior designer Perth WA has to offer, it is important to put a lot of thought and consideration into the color. If you are at a loss for ideas, you can take hints from the professional interior designers in Perth WA. Below is a list of colors that they recommend would work for any space and season.

Olive Green

Green is a common color choice when it comes to decorating and painting modern homes. However, olive green is one shade of this color that is not typically used. Meanwhile, experts on Perth interior design suggest that you use this color as it adds interest and a sense of balance to any room in your house. The color is also easy to build upon on if you want to incorporate other colors or design accents.


There are several shades of purple available but lilac is most recommended for use on home interiors. The cool and calming effect of this shade is a favorite of many, and that includes professional interior designers. The shade of lilac is also very pretty to the eyes; and yet they easily stand out, especially if you like to keep your home interior theme feminine and delicate.

Black (or White)

You can choose from either one of the two color options. While they are on the contrasting end of the color scheme, your choice of which color to use will create the same level of visual impact. Black exemplifies a modern and industrial look, while white can also offer the same qualities but in a more subtle and delicate way.


Teal is a great choice of color if you want to add a pop of color to your home’s interior design without trying too hard. This shade works beautifully with white and gold. Hence, you can keep that in mind if you choose to update your home’s color palette with teal.


Another excellent shade of blue that would instantly give makeover to your home is navy. This one has a darker tone to it; at the same time, navy has a look of elegance to it. When utilized correctly, it can add a sense of mystery and intrigue into your home’s interior space.

Sienna Orange

A lot of homeowners might not instantly pick out orange as a color of choice for decorating their home’s interior. However, an expert interior designer Perth WA has now may offer this color to add a sense of warmth into a room. It is a great color of choice for a bare wall as it commands a lot of attention without being overly vibrant. Let go of your inhibitions in using orange as a color for your home interior; there are more shades of orange than you would think of!

Which of these hues would you like to incorporate into your home’s interior design? To help you pick the right interior designer Perth WA has to work out the smaller details of the design, you can visit for more information and tips.

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